Gratech (Pty) Ltd was originally formed in 1997 and due to the rapid success of the company, three strong sectors emerged, namely a Recruitment Division, Technical Support and a Wellness Clinic. All three sectors have benefited from a solid heritage and a combined wealth of experience.

In 2005, Gratech embracing the changes in South Africa, sold shares to a Black Empowerment partner.

Gratech Recruitment is a Level 4 contributor to meaningful broad-based empowerment, meaning its clients can claim 100% of their procurement from Gratech in their own BEE credentials.

Our Workplace
We are committed to creating a coaching culture in a vibrant working environment where all employees are passionate and excited about their jobs.

We believe that our people with their passion and pride, provide Gratech with a competitive advantage. We care about our employees and it shows. We are passionate about skills development and hard work is recognised and rewarded. We encourage our people to choose a positive attitude, work to their peak performance and be all that they can be. This in turn influences and drives other relationships resulting in increased productivity as well as harmony and balance in our work place.

Our Values
We hold our values at the foundation and core of everything we do.

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Service excellence

Vision Ahead
Gratech is a truly South African Company, passionate about this country and our tremendous future.

As we face the future, we are extremely dedicated to our vision of becoming the best Financial and Insurance Recruiter in the Country. We strongly believe in being accountable and operate with honesty and the highest integrity.

Our Mission
Aligning talent with business by consistently delivering precise placements that enhance key business goals by optimising talent and performance.

           Finance & Short Term Insurance Specialists            

Finance and Short Term Insurance Specialists with over 14 years of experience.

Our various long-standing corporate clients consider us to be arguably the best company to provide Finance & Short Term Insurance talent to the South African market.

It's all about alignment

Strategic Partnership
Gratech is a well connected, experienced agency who can bring in the talent that is necessary to transform your business. Considering that the vast majority of the skilled workforce is not actively looking for a new job, by partnering with Gratech you are able to access the best people in the field and not just those who are discontented.

By partnering with Gratech; you save time - enabling you to better serve your clients; you attract the best talent in the industry and you can rely on our expert guidance throughout the hiring process.

           Recruit the best person available - not the best person available on the database            

Getting Results
Our proven track record speaks for itself. You are welcome to ask our clients to confirm our methodology, advertising, sourcing and networking expertise to find suitable candidates.

Working with specialist recruiters means that you have a recruitment partner who knows the right people to contact and who knows the technical and business nuances that will contribute to making a successful hire.

Our experienced team has the business maturity to interpret our clients' employee value proposition and turn that into a compelling dialogue that will attract the right sorts of people to interview.

Reputable and referenceable
We have strong testimonials from both clients and candidates. See our brag page (References) to confirm this.

Sourcing Candidates
Gratech consistently works to attract the widest possible pool of talent and then matches objectively assessed profiles to specific competencies rather than revisiting the same old database of contacts and forcing a match. Our consultant's take a longer term view when sourcing candidates and in this way the Gratech team adds real value and becomes a true strategic partner.

Our staffing solutions are designed to enhance your company from the boardroom to the back office. Above all, we know and understand that the workplace does not function on expertise and aptitude alone but with the complement of character and personality.

We will endeavour to keep you ahead of the rest through clever thinking campaigns and passion for your business. Our culture is based on this passion and we strive to be the best so that our clients reap real rewards in their partnership with our organisation.

We measure our success on the ability to recognise ambitious, inspiring, driven, enterprising, go-getters with an aim to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Aligning talent with business
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