Fully Integrated System

Fully Integrated System

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Municipal backup
  • Full filtration system

A fully integrated water storage system combines municipal supply and rainwater harvesting which provides a self-sufficient solution with maximum water availability.

The system includes the installation of a tank that is filled automatically when mains water is available to a pre-determined minimal level, with the remaining space available to store rainwater. This water is filtered/sterilised and utilised for full domestic water supply.

Benefits of a fully integrated system

  • This system ensures that there is water available at all times.
  • 24 hours water supply meaning no water shortage due to water cuts.
  • No need for dual plumbing lines, use existing plumbing.
  • Free water supply that is replenished whenever it rains.
  • Save money on water bills by using your own water source.
  • Water is safe for consumption due to the filtration system.
  • This system is the best of both worlds!

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